Who we are

ATHENS WINE TASTING Private Company specializes in intimate, unforgettable wine and food experiences. We offer small, semi-private and private wine tastings and excursions to explore the magnificent wine region of Attica and Greece.

Our passionate and experienced tour guides will ensure you experience the best ATHENS WINE TASTING.

Taste outstanding wines, distinct flavours and learn all about wine, ancient Greek wine culture and the unique varieties of our country. We designed a wine activity right under Acropolis, where you can join a virtual tour about the Attica vineyards, the ancient grapes of Greece and tales about Dionysus the God of wine and fertility.

If you feel more adventurous you can pop into one of our semi private coach and wander around the ancient vineyards of Attica, visit significant sights and discover boutique wineries, wine museum and traditional cellars. Our personalized itineraries are carefully picked from our team wine experts.

We are a team of passionate and experienced tour guides specializing in wine tastings, food and wine tours in Athens and the greater area of Attica as well as other amazing local wine regions such as Nemea and Mantineia.

If you are seeking a joyous and fun approach to tasting and learning about wine, you are in the right place!